What the child subsidy means for you

Parents and child care providers, learn and understand more about the
new child care subsidy package due to take effect July 2018.

Working parents are expected to have more access to subsidised child care, providing more opportunities to utilise child care services and even re-enter the workforce. Child care providers will need to ensure they are equipped to scale their centres with quality staff to cope with the expected demand increase.

Our handy fact sheets distil all this information into one place so that you feel informed about these new changes and the affect they could have on you.


Centre fact sheet includes: 

  • Benefits of the new subsidy to the child care centres.
  • New child care IT system.
  • 3 types of revised child care service types.
  • Flexibility in operating hours.
  • How to help families needing assistance?
  • Business recourses.
  • A simple summary of what is the subsidy.

Parent fact sheet includes: 

  • Calculate subsidy levels compared to combined family income. 
  • Activity test to access the child care subsidy.
  • What happens to those who are self-employed? 
  • A simple summary of what is the subsidy.

Something Powerful

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